Edwards the right man for you

Fellow Baylor Bears,

I write to you today after much prayer and contemplation to discuss something that is imperative to the future of student representation on this campus: the selection of our next student body president.

For the last two weeks, I have been alongside you while our candidates have campaigned, and I have attempted to be as unbiased and educated a voter as possible. Given my perspective, it is with a sober mind and a caring heart to both men that I endorse Dominic Edwards for student body president.

My experience with Dominic is limited to my close work with him as fellow Student Body Officers this year.

In the role of internal vice president, he was thrust into an environment that provided an unrelenting stream of demands and competing desires to the internal workings of student government.

I will not deny that I gave more responsibility than I took from him, but despite this tumultuous atmosphere, Dominic never once let me down.

Even more so, his leadership provided a consistent and coherent structure to student government. He is a remarkable man whose leadership is proven to thrive in positions of great responsibility.

Although I have decided to publicly recommend Dominic, this is also out of concern and care for Chase Hardy.

Without a doubt, Chase’s charisma and dedication are exceptional, making him an asset to the organizations he chooses to serve.

Passion and energy alone, however, cannot sustain the Student Body President.

For Chase to best utilize his God-given talents, he must be able to articulate a compelling reason for why he is the premier candidate and explain why he is called to serve. From his campaign, it is difficult to recognize that clear message.

To best develop Chase for his own future success, I do not recommend him for this position until he has garnered more experience on-campus and grown a more complete understanding of the office of the student body president.

Baylor Student Body, it was from your support that I carried the authority to serve you this year. It is now time for you to make your decision again.

To build a better Baylor, choose the candidate with the superior experience and clearer goals for the position.

For Baylor’s benefit and the development of both candidates, I wholeheartedly endorse Dominic Edwards to continue a legacy of uncommon civility and service as our next Student Body President.


Wesley Hodges
Student Body President