Baylor Transfer Council unfairly insulted at StompFest

After a mishap at last year’s StompFest, Baylor Transfer Council once again walked away from Friday night’s annual competition feeling frustrated.

The event, thrown by Zeta Phi Beta, featured host Walter Campbell.

While announcing the organizations participating in Stompfest 2014, Campbell paused after BTC, suggesting that these students must have “…transferred from junior colleges? Whatever.”

Not only did Campbell not feel the need to make derogatory comments towards any other organizations, he ceased to comment on other organizations at all.

Furthermore, Campbell seems to harbor some disdain towards transfer students, as he used his most negative tone to make his comment.

This statement comes one year after BTC was judged as the winner of the independent division of Stompfest 2013, but was not announced as the winner. As an alternative, it was announced that the Asian Student Association would take home the victory, leaving BTC members not only frustrated, but cheated out of a victory.

In a statement released by the Baylor Department of Student Activities, it was said that, “Contrary to Friday’s announcement, the Baylor Transfer Council had earned a higher score from the judges. Although this mistake was unintentional, we understand the need to clarify the situation.”

Thank goodness the Department of Student Activities was gracious enough to “understand the need to clarify the situation.” Most other groups would have just misled the entire university and discredited months of practice from BTC members, right?

Oh, and also, it’s “Baylor Transfer Council,” not “The Baylor Transfer Council.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that campus groups have trouble with our name, previously going as far as pronouncing “Asian Student Association” in our place.

This year, Baylor Transfer Council was not chosen as a winner in Stompfest. The Asian Student Association and Delta Delta Delta took home first place in their respective divisions.

As an executive officer in Baylor Transfer Council, I speak for the entire organization in congratulating both organizations on excellent performances. However, we are not as impressed by the words from Walter Campbell. Not only is it entirely untrue that all of our members come from community colleges (or even half of our members, for that matter), we’re unimpressed by the negative connotation associated with coming from a community college.

Community college offers students an opportunity to find their preferred career path, save money, and stay close to home, all while receiving an education transferrable to most any four-year institution.

Don’t get me wrong — I am not saying that going to a community college is a better decision than going to a four-year university (I know this, I went to a community college), but I am saying going to a community college can be beneficial for some students.

It should be noted that Baylor Transfer Council holds no resentment towards the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta. We have been continually impressed with their work in putting together Stompfest, and look forward to participating next year.

Evan Wild
Peoria, Ill., ,junior