Letters: Davis also strong candidate for governor

Gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott shouldn’t load the confetti cannons quite yet. Sen. Wendy Davis should be seen as a legitimate challenger for governor.

Danny Huizinga’s Feb 2 column titled “Abbott best for Texas,” quotes Abbott when he says “I bring a complete different style and perception that will connect differently with the changing Texas that we live in.”

But in order to connect with this changing Texas, Abbott needs to adjust more then just his style, although that could use some work as well.

He goes on the say that “all we need to do is do a better job of communicating that the Republican Party stands for conservative values that are really embraced by an overwhelming majority of the Hispanic community.”

Everyone is aware what the Republican Party stands for. That is not the weakness that will lose him the race; Abbott doesn’t work for the issues that Texans face.

For instance, On Abbott’s website, a forefront issue he is dedicated to fighting for is Voter ID laws.

He states “…we need to enact strong Voter ID laws in Texas to prevent cheating at the ballot box and ensure integrity in the electoral system.”

These voter ID laws discriminate against women, who are more likely to vote than men. Voter ID laws require individuals to provide a photo ID featuring their legally recognized name to vote, disproportionately suppressing women and transgendered individuals, who often change their name.

Thirty-four percent of voting-age women lack a document that has their current legal name, and so do 41 percent of transgendered people.

This is of course due to the fact that women who get married or divorced change their name, and the current 12 step process in Texas for transgendered people to change their names. This is an issue that may cause Abbott to lose the female vote.

Davis, however, appeals to women on this issue, as well as abortion and education.

Abbott claims that he stands to protect the children of Texas. This is obviously not well aligned with his ally Ted Nugent, who has admitted to sleeping with underage girls. Abbott has affiliated himself with this individual who vehemently undermines the issue that Abbott himself says he cares about.

But Davis has worked hard for children, filibustering a $5 billion cut from education funding.

Lastly, Abbott is “committed to fighting and repealing”

This stance simply doesn’t reflect the needs of the 33 percent of adults and 17 percent of children who are uninsured in Texas.

So with these discrepancies in mind, Davis is an appropriate opponent who understands and works for the changing state of Texas.

The last paragraph of the column states “Texas should look forward to an inspirational governor that will bring the state to greater heights while understanding the importance of each and every viewpoint.”

Wendy Davis epitomizes this governor.

Texans value hard work and dedication, both of which Davis has shown through her success after working from the age of 14 to help support her single mother, and then striving to create a more prosperous life for her own daughter while being the first person in her family to get her degree.

Annabel Simpson
Houston freshman