Students raise thousands of dollars in chapel to help African orphans

By Madi Allen

After being challenged in Chapel to “change the world in a day,” Baylor students raised more than $24,000 for charity, Baylor announced this Monday.

Two weeks ago, “I Love Orphans,” visited Baylor Chapel and asked students to give. The students raised $24,836.51, these funds were matched by a donor, making the total donation around $50,000.

“I was really impressed by the money donated by the student body,” said Houston sophomore Josh Philip, the philanthropy chair for Phi Kappa Chi. “They really surprised me. I never imagined that they would give that much.”

Phi Kappa Chi wanted to raise money for the charity “I Love Orphans” and went to Dr. Burt Burleson, the university chaplain, for advice.

Philip and Burleson developed the idea to do a “pass the plate” service, a way to raise money by passing buckets throughout Chapel.

Three of the founders of “I Love Orphans,” Baylor alumni Nick Martineau, Matt Flanigan and Geoff Price, visited Chapel a week before the “pass the plate” service to present their mission and ongoing ministry in Bukaleba, Uganda.

“I really liked how personal it was,” Lafayette, La., sophomore Allie Matherne said. “I felt more connected to it because Baylor alumni started it. I also really loved the video they showed because we got to see the life of the children and it seemed really genuine.”

Burleson said the money raised will provide for the construction of an education building and dining facility for 80 children ages 7 – 12, residing at the Bukaleba Project operated by Arise Africa International.