Lariat Letter: Lariat produced great JFK issue

By David McHam

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the way the Lariat covered the events that occurred 50 years ago when President Kennedy was in Texas. That was a significant coming-of-age occurrence for the Lariat staff at that time.

My impression is that the current Lariat staff keeps the tradition of excellence alive. I know the Lariat has won numerous state-wide awards.

This isn’t easy to do. I know. I’m still teaching myself.

Ada Zhang did a terrific job of explaining the roles of both Ed DeLong and Ray Hubener.

DeLong, a long-time United Press International reporter, now lives in Australia, and Hubener, a retired school administrator, lives in New York.

One of the best things the Lariat did this year was to reproduce the newspapers from the morning of, the afternoon and then the next week — Nov. 22, 1963 and then Nov. 26, 1963.

I heard from so many students from that time, and they were as impressed as I was.

Please pass along my congratulations — and those of other students from that era — to the current staff.

Journalism is, after all, a team effort.

David McHam
Former Baylor journalism professor