Lariat Letter: An ode to Floyd Casey Stadium

By Grant Senter

We had some good times, some bad times and some times that felt like the aftereffects of a Gut Pak.

You were merciless, Floyd — beyond merciless. In my lifetime, you ate former Baylor coach Kevin Steele, skin and bone, as Baylor went 1-31 in the Big 12 conference during his tenure. You then, like the Sirens of ancient Greece, coaxed Guy Morriss, the deemed “savior” on his motorcycle, into your depths, only to devour his very soul and sabotage what had been an up-and-coming coaching career (If anyone can get a hold of Guy Morriss’ motorcycle, we should burn it in the final game).

Sometimes we hate you, Floyd. Your concrete corridors, outdated scoreboard, trough laden bathrooms and off-campus location made Baylor the armpit of Big 12 stadiums.

But, you have some charm to you, Floyd. You have the secret sauce. You’re not the prettiest girl out of the bunch; some have called you “ugly” and not everyone came to your games, but Floyd, by God we love you.

And, to tell you the truth, we’re going to miss you. For all the bad memories you hold, you are a museum for the greatness that has been achieved by Grant Teaff and Art Briles.

You’ve become a symbol of redemption. You’ve been the stage for a Baylor football renaissance. You’ve seen some great things over the past few years. Some plays that will live forever in Baylor folklore.

I wonder what you thought when “The Catch” happened, as Terrance Williams dove in your corner end zone to all but seal the Heisman for Robert Griffin III.

Sorry for keeping you up late with the after party.

Oh and Floyd, did you flinch as you witnessed Dominique Ziegler pull in the two point conversion to beat a ranked Texas A&M in the “Miracle on the Brazos”?

We all jumped in our seats that day, though it only foreshadowed the jumping that would later take place when Baylor knocked off No. 1 Kansas State.

Floyd, you saw miracles happen on your field. You have watched a group of Baylor fans and football players grow old. You’ve seen us at our best, and at our worst.

So Floyd, thanks for being there throughout the years, thanks for never leaving a game early. You’ve been our tear jar, our hangout, our trash can, our sounding board and our friend.

You are a gem, Floyd Casey. Thanks for the memories.

Grant Senter
San Antonio senior