Me, my selfie, and I

By Haley Davis

Within the last few years, the world of cellphone technology has greatly developed. People can now perform countless tasks with their phone, including Web browsing, Facebook, email, video and photos. In the midst of the hype, the selfie phenomenon has taken shape.

What is a selfie? It is when people take a picture of themselves on their phone. It’s a fun way to communicate with friends and family when words are just not enough.

This phenomenon has taken a life of its own and has led the technology world to take note and create phone applications to accommodate this fascination.

Snapchat is an application made to send selfies to others, helping this new trend grow.

Clueless when it comes to selfies? Here are some selfie tips to make sure everyone is taking the best selfie possible.

There are two types of selfies: serious photos where a person wants to look their best and ones that are sent to a best friend for a good laugh where the point is to make the most unflattering but funniest face possible.

Serious selfies are typically sent to a friend, crush or family member. When taking one of these shots, the point is to show something off, such as a new haircut or outfit.

“Take from a camera superior angle, pointing down at your face so you look skinnier,” Dallas senior Ryn Miller said. “This helps avoid double chins. You can also make your face look skinnier by turning your chin to a slight angle.”

These tips give your face good shape and make it seem longer. A smile goes a long way and can make a selfie shooter look better when smiling.

“Stand in front of a window,” Phoenix sophomore Kailey Remien said. “The lighting may make it look like you don’t have a nose, but your eyes will pop, and it hides pimples.”

Lighting is key to any good selfie. If no one can see what is in the picture because it’s so dark, it defeats the purpose of sending a picture, unless the person is trying to set a mood.

“Take it in dark lighting,” Keller senior Courtney Roberts said. “It’ll make you look mysterious and sexy.”

Many serious selfies are also posted on social media sites. The professional world looks at college students’ Facebook pages. Many employers won’t be impressed if they see a profile picture of someone taking a mirror selfie in his or her bathroom.

When taking mirror selfies or full-body selfies, remember to check the background before hitting send. Sometimes awkward things show up in the background like dirty clothes or indecent roommate. Bathroom selfies can turnout really humorous to others but not for the right reasons.

Now to the not-so-serious selfie. These are sent to a best friend and hopefully by no one else.

Tulsa, Okla., junior Tori Robards said the best selfies are the ones were the person doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

“Always do the duck face and peace sign,” Robards said. “It’s too classic not to be used as often as possible. Pull a Miley and stick your tongue out.”

Another popular trend with silly selfies is something that should be avoided in serious selfies: the multi-chin.

“Make sure to have as many chins as possible,” The Woodlands junior Rachel Slate said.

But there are different ways to have multiple chins.

“Well, for me the most important thing is the side chin; it really gives a good selfie effect,” Flower Mound junior Catherine Schenck said.

Whether done with a smile, creepy face or silly face, multiple chins are funny and make the selfie better, Coppell junior Calyn Bod said.

“It’s not a good selfie unless you get caught taking it, because then it adds the perfect flush of red to your face to make you seem glowing,“ said Boyd.

If there is someone taking a selfie in a public place, make the selfie a group photo and “photo bomb” it. Get in the background without the person’s knowing and make a funny face to make the selfie even better.

For silly selfies, there really are no “don’ts.” Someone can do whatever they want, just try to get a laugh from the picture. The only don’t is, remember to be careful who it is sent to because they could post it for everyone to see.

For this reason, Snapchat is great because it only lets the person see the picture for at most 10 seconds. But, be warned: the selfie receiver could create one of the worst kinds of offenses — a screenshot. In this case, no selfie is safe.

Uses this tips on dos and don’ts to help make the perfect selfie for the perfect occasion.