Lariat Letter: Freshmen should run the Baylor Line correctly

By Dan Manuppelli

The Baylor Line is the core of Baylor spirit and is an organization composed entirely of new students.

The Line, established in 1970, represents the commitment of the entire Baylor Nation to support and cheer on the Bears.

This Thursday, the Baylor football team will play in one of the biggest football games in the history of Floyd Casey Stadium.

To excel on the field, the team feeds on the student body and the excitement within the stadium. One of the most exciting parts for the team is when they enter the field. This is where the Baylor Line can really excite the team as they run on the field.

However, the freshman class and the Baylor Line have been failing in this regard. Time and time again, I see freshmen running the Line only to run straight for the sideline in order to get the best seat. Doing so defeats the purpose of the Baylor Line. There really is not a bad seat in Floyd Casey Stadium and from any seat you will be able to see the entire field.

Furthermore, the freshmen that go to the game but don’t run the Line, shame on you. As a student, you are charged with cheering on our team to be the best that they can be.

Sure, that can be done from the stands, but you can have a larger impact on the team by participating in the Baylor Line.

So freshmen, I implore you this Thursday to run the Baylor Line, greet the team, and then find your seat for the game.

You will still be able to see the entire game even if you are farther from the field.

Do not let us down and do not let the team down.

Dan Manuppelli
San Antonio master’s candidate