Lariat Letter: Hodges made correct call

By Karen Couvillion

I am writing to congratulate and encourage Wesley Hodges and the Student Senate’s action to support Baylor’s conservative and Christian standards.

Baylor stands as a traditional icon — a beacon in an often otherwise dark realm. Those sending personal attacks to this young man for his stance against changing the policy and traditions of a private institution should re-evaluate their own position for they are perpetuating the very aspect of which they accuse him.

His veto action does not reflect a hate of homosexuals, but rather a representative support and love of principles reflected in the policies of the university.

As an educator at a conservative institution, I encourage my students to consider attendance at Baylor as the university supports the like principles reflected in their personal and academic lives.

And, I am pleased to continue such recommendation because of one young man’s willingness to stand for the conservative rights of Baylor University’s policies. Good form, Hodges!

Karen Couvillion
Class of 1983