Survey Results: Texas Abortion Laws Survey

Survey Results

U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel struck down one provision of Texas House Bill 2 on Oct. 28 that would have placed
restrictions on abortions and abortion clinics. Do you agree?

Yes: 61.8% (34 responses)
No: 38.2% (21 responses)

Your responses:
“There are hospitals all over the state in all sizes of communities. Abortion providers and clinics can meet the need of women seeking abortions by meeting the basic health and safety standards. Those that have closed have chosen not to adhere to these standards and have created the undue burden they now claim exists.”

“It would close most of the facilities in Texas. That seems a little undue, at the least.”

Do you think that doctors should be required to have admittance access to hospitals in order to perform an abortion?

Yes: 52.8%
No: 47.2%

Your responses:
“Abortion is an invasive medical procedure that can cause unexpected complications or bleeding requiring advanced medical care. To provide safe health care to women, doctors must be able to quickly access hospital care.”

“It seems to be an unnecessary and tedious requirement.”

Do you think women should be able to undergo a medication abortion at home?

Yes: 37%
No: 63%

Your responses:
“If you can’t decide before 20 weeks, then there’s adoption.”

“Women have a right to make choices for their own body.”

Do you think this matter should be taken to the U.S. Supreme Court?

Yes: 52.7%
No: 47.3%