Lariat Letter: Students should provide home field advantage

By Marquie Reyna

At a school with such rich tradition, football season does not lack an ounce of school spirit. However, the upcoming game against the University of Oklahoma is on a school day.

To make matters worse, tailgating is during the middle of the day. This is a time when the majority of the student body will be in class.

In effect, the amount of fans for March of the Bears will be significantly less. Fans are there to support the football team and if we want our football team to feel supported, we need to have fans at the game.

A home field advantage is an advantage for a reason. The home team grows significantly in size because there are hundreds of fans there to back them up.

We, as fans, become part of the team. At Baylor, we see such rich tradition all around us everyday. Let’s make it a tradition to be the best “team mates” we can be.

Professors should all provide homework or record a lecture to make up for class so that Baylor Nation can be where its needed.

Baylor Nation isn’t just a student body.

It’s a body of students, athletes, fans, and most importantly a body that unites when a war is coming.

Let’s raise our Baylor flag high and sic those Sooners!

Marquie Reyna
San Antonio senior