Lariat Letter: Rule’s language irrelevant; Baylor is hypocritical

By Ray Harwick

I truly pity the knots that Baylor coaches have to tie themselves in to recruit elite athletes who are gay or lesbian. As a career sports writer (now retired) I know the school has had several gay or lesbians athletes and the coaches have to worry constantly that someone will out them or that they will out themselves and their scholarships will be immediately in jeopardy because of these contrived morals standards held by both the university and the student government. I’ll leave aside the fact that I know (and so do the women athletes) that female athletes, especially, are slurred by fans as “lesbian” with great regularity and without regard to their actual sexual orientation.

If chutzpah is illustrated by the kid who murdered his parents then expects leniency because he’s an orphan, I believe Baylor is just as morally upside-down when they, too, create a big problem and then expect not to be held responsible.

Gay students and faculty have been at Baylor since its founding and here we are in 2013 with the student government singling them out for special stigma and condemnation in a labored defense of contrived morality. Where in the Baylor bible does Christ command us to do so?

There is no distinguishable moral difference between straight and gay sinners except those legislated differences created by the holier-than-thou crowd running the university and student body.

I am happy to say there are thousands of Christians who aren’t all like that. In fact, I’ve joined in support of an organization of Christians who openly declare they are Not All Like That (, people who embrace gays and lesbians for the fine people they are and who stand up to this degrading, humiliating cat calling such as the word “deviant” that replaced the word “homosexual” in the recent student government foray into telling the Baylor community who is currently unacceptable to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I look forward to judgment day because I want to see their faces when Jesus turns his back on them as they have turned their back on people of good faith. You know they are creating a problem and then will defend themselves for allegedly doing the Lord’s work and, therefore, hold themselves blameless. More orphans who apparently don’t own a mirror.

Ray Harwick
Cathedral City, Calif.