Lariat Letter: Baylor entrepreneurs inspire current Bears

By Valerie Soyinka

In light of this week being midterm week for most students, I find the recent article about three Baylor entrepreneurs who have launched a studying site to be very motivating.

For most students, our main avenue of studying is restricted to taking good notes, talking to peers and also our professors. This innovating idea of an online study interface will really benefit students, especially those who miss class and are unable to take notes. These three students truly found a correlation between studying and technology.

Their technique in making this a social site but one not like Facebook is genius to me. I also liked the fact that, this site will also be compatible with our mobile devices.

Students can say bye-bye to those .50 cent notebooks, because with this innovation, students can take notes on their phones and have it saved to their online profile.

This grabbed my attention because for Generation Y-ers, social media is the main source of our daily lives, so for the site to have an atmosphere of a social network but only focusing on collaborative studying is a good marketing tool to help them gain popularity, compared to their competitors.

This new way of renewing the way students study is an innovation that, in my opinion, will change the talks in the library.

Valerie Soyinka
Collierville, Tenn. senior