Lariat Letter: Only you can change politics

By John Spencer

While it is a foregone conclusion that a ruling class has become ensconced in Washington, D.C., it is the duty of the several states to exercise their constitutional power and begin the dialogue to reclaim the balance of power between the states and the federal aristocracy.

Every political science class should have The Liberty Amendments by Mark R. Levin as required reading. Mr. Levin suggests 10 amendments to begin the discussion, including: Term limits for senators/representatives, term limits for Supreme Court justices, repeal of the 17th Amendment, limits on federal spending and taxation, limit the size of the federal bureaucracy; define the commerce clause.

I draw your attention to this urgent matter and ask you to become engaged in the discussion. This conversation will not start in, Washington D.C. You must encourage your state representatives to begin the process. Your individual liberty is at stake.

John Spencer
Class of 1977