Lariat Letters: Transition Agreement vote left out alumni afar

I am disappointed that there were no means by which I could cast my vote for the Baylor Transition Agreement this past weekend.

A few weeks ago I received a mailer stating, “You will come to Waco Hall to cast your vote.” Much as I love having any reason to visit Baylor, this trip was an impossibility both for myself and I’m sure countless others.

I find it hard to believe that with Baylor alum like myself scattered around the country and world (and in our technologically-driven time) that there were not more options considered for casting our votes.

I can’t believe that this decision that potentially affects so many was left to be decided by the less than 1,500 people who were able to attend.

I think that same flier I received could have either held a tear-off form to mail back with my vote or directions to guide me to an online voting page.

I believe a valuable opportunity to hear Baylor alumni was missed as a result.

And now, as I read the email with the outcome, I can only wonder: If all of Baylor Nation been given the same opportunity, would the outcome have been different?

I hope that in the future, more consideration will be given to those “who fling their green and gold afar.” We are Baylor alumni by choice – not distance.

Charlene Scott Gibson, graduated in ‘00 with a B.A. in communication studies and in ‘02 with an M.A. in communication studies.