Lariat Letter: Require stress course

A common problem I’m seeing on campus is overworked, overstressed, sleep-deprived students who are too busy with schoolwork to fully enjoy their college experience. I have had multiple friends say “I live for the weekends,” but this isn’t how it should be.

Every student should enjoy day-to-day life here at Baylor because once they have graduated, they’ll miss the college days more than ever.

I believe if most students knew how to manage stress in a healthy manner, their college experience would be much better. I feel as though requiring the Stress Management/Mental Health class, given in the health education department, to be taken by all students is the first step in equipping them with tools to manage the stress of school, roommates, finances … the list goes on.

I believe this class would help so many students with their individual stresses and would give them a variety of ways to deal with stress. Every student is different and with a variety of options for dealing with stress, each student can pick which stress management tools best works for them.

When students can manage their stress in a healthy way, their grades will improve, the will use what time they do have efficiently and their free time will be more enjoyable. It can improve their lives.

-Kristle Obi, Katy sophomore. Obi is a Biology/Pre-Med major.