Kim Mulkey poses as reporter’s girlfriend Video of phone call goes viral after Baylor press conference

By Jason Orts via the Associated Press

Hello, my name is Jason.

Yes, that Jason.

You know, the Jason from the video that I’m sure you’ve seen by now of Baylor coach Kim Mulkey answering a phone during a Monday night press conference that came on the heels of the Lady Bears being officially selected as the No. 1 overall seed for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s available here ( for your viewing so I won’t go through the details.

It’s only been a day since it happened, but it’s blown up in a way I could have never imagined.

Within an hour, I’d received text messages and posts on my Facebook wall – including a text from a guy I hadn’t talked to in about three years – with most asking simply, “Was it you?”

Yes, it was me.

I’m the guy who left the ringer on while using my phone to record the press conference, and I knew it was mine immediately when it went off.

I didn’t know Mulkey would answer it, but she decided to have some fun.

What followed as one of the funniest – albeit slightly embarrassing – 37-second spans of my life.

I’d actually like to know which shade of red I turned, especially since I didn’t know who [was] calling.

Luckily I’d already gotten the information I needed from the press conference, so when Mulkey handed me the phone and I walked out of the room, I didn’t miss anything.

She threw a couple good-natured jabs at me when I came back in, and that was about it.

I’ve been laughing about it with everyone else ever since.

But one question has lingered in my mind ever since I left the Ferrell Center.

If Mulkey is indeed my girlfriend, as she told the person on the other end of the line, do you think it’s too early in our relationship to hit her up for money?