Baylor still needs one more win

By Greg DeVries

Sports Writer

With Baylor’s win against Kansas State, the Bears have totaled five wins so far. Baylor has to win at least one of the two remaining games to be bowl eligible.

The difference between five wins and six wins in college football is a lot bigger than just one win. The sixth win, and the opportunity to play in a bowl game, gives a university a lot of exposure and a lot of money.

Beating either Texas Tech or Oklahoma State would give Baylor a lot more than just bragging rights.

Junior cornerback Joe Williams also feels like the team is peaking at the right time.

“Around this time, everybody remembers November and December so it’s our time of the season. Everybody else is banged up right now and we are ready to play,” Williams said.

Junior running back Glasco Martin feels the team is finding its identity.

“It seemed like at the beginning of the year, we couldn’t really find an identity for ourselves,” Martin said. “I feel like we are starting to gain a lot of momentum and catch our stride and we are going to continue that momentum into the next couple of games.”

After starting 3-0 in nonconference play, the Bears lost four games in a row to Big 12 opponents. When asked if beating the top team in the country makes up for the losing streak, senior quarterback Nick Florence said that the ultimate goal is a bowl game at the end of the year.

“Really what makes up for that is winning one more game and getting bowl eligible,” Florence said. “This is a good memory, I won’t forget it, but we’ve got to get bowl eligible and that’s our goal as a team. That’ll make up for the four in a row and another one last week.”

Baylor’s next game will be against Texas Tech in Dallas. The Red Raiders started the year 6-1, but they have struggled lately.

Texas Tech has lost three of its last four games with the only win coming against Kansas in overtime.