Lariat Letters: Response to ‘liberal hate’ letter

Regarding the Nov 14 letter “Liberal culture of hate to blame for political division.”

I normally don’t go out of my way to respond to Lariat articles like this, but your opinion piece really made me reel back.

Having been a Christian for 22 years of my life before finally letting my faith go, I can’t help but notice how easy my life had been.

When you are a part of the majority you grow up in, people praise you, encourage, feed your beliefs and support your endeavours no matter what they are.

People who dissent don’t do so publicly. They allow that mindset to continue unabashed because it is not worth the effort.

On the other hand, getting to experience how atheists are treated has been a real eye opener for me.

Society instantly shifts against you, family rebukes you, friends who were once close shun you, and you suddenly become less of a person for standing up in what you believe.

You can say that true Christianity, the true conservative mindset is lost on so many, but I could easily say that about the left, whatever mischaracterized notion you have of it is.

You want to blame them for their “culture of hate” and yet you so flippantly ignore your own accusations and playing the blame game.

No one is denying a person of faith their ability to believe. In fact, you have your beliefs protected more than any other group.

You say you shouldn’t have to “compromise” with people who see you as less than human, but the fact that they are willing to compromise at all means they see you as human.

Try being atheist here in Baylor, try being liberal in Waco, and see just how much of a culture shock it is for you before you accuse the left of harbouring a culture of hate.

Austin Findley
Computer Science