The Mix’s coffee shop and food truck to open near Baylor campus

Hayley Gibson


The Mix Gifts and Cafe will open a coffee shop at 1400 Speight Ave., along with a food truck, “Street Eats.” The truck will serve students lunches in the day, and the coffee shop will open at night.
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Street Eats will be parked next to The Mix’s new coffee shop at 1400 Speight Ave., which opened its doors to customers on Monday. The coffee shop will open from 3 to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday after the food truck closes, and will offer a place for students to study or relax with free Wi-Fi.

The coffee shop will also serve the food truck’s desserts, including The Mix’s famous homemade strawberry cake.

“The coffee shop will be a convenient place for Baylor students to come outside of the library to study,” said Kelcy Workman, manager of the shop. “It’s relaxed, but lively and has a comfortable feeling.”

The coffee shop features several rooms complete with couches and tables serve as a quiet room to study in, or a more relaxed area to socialize.

There will also be a separate room with a whiteboard that study groups will be able to rent for $10 and comes with free coffee for the night.

Paired together, the Street Eats food truck and the coffee shop will cater to the needs of Baylor students all day from providing fresh lunches in the day to a coffee and study space in the evening.

Street Eats has been seen around Waco at the Farmer’s Market and Baylor football home games.

It offers an alternative to the typical taco food truck by making fresh food right on the truck.

“There are taco trucks all over town, but no real food trucks,” Chef Darrell Thompson said. “It’s good food right here in your neighborhood. Everything we sell, we’ve done it ourselves.”

Street Eats will sell sandwiches like the BLT, chili cheese steaks, buffalo chicken wraps, soups, quiches and dessert.

Thompson hopes the coffee shop and food truck will provide a quieter, laid-back alternative to popular Baylor spots like Common Grounds.

“I hope we can be the way Common Grounds was years ago,” Thompson said. “You won’t have to feel like you’re stuck at Baylor, but you can experience some of Waco.”

Thompson says that Street Eats will begin catering parties and events around Waco in addition to sitting at its usual spot on Speight.

He also anticipates the coffee shop eventually opening early in the morning, providing more hours for customers.

As a former Baylor professor turned culinary student and tennis instructor, Thompson is new to The Mix’s business but is excited to join Workman in opening Street Eats and the coffee shop.

For Workman, who just graduated from Baylor last May, opening a coffee shop has always been a dream.

The two hope that Street Eats and the coffee shop will provide great meals and a relaxing experience for Baylor students.

For menus and updates, follow Street Eats on Twitter @mixSTREETeats.