Viewpoint: Pray for the Ledet family

By Krista Pirtle

I’ve lost loved ones, but I’ve never had to go through what the Ledet family is facing right now.

A plane crash over the weekend took the lives of Leonard Ledet, 60, his 62-year-old brother, Gregory Ledet, and his sons, Mason Ledet and Paul Ledet.

They were on their way to the Texas A&M game against Ole Miss.

I did not know the family, but I did know Paul.

He was at Sky Ranch two summers ago in my brother cabin, Stonewall.

Through conversations and watching my girls hang out with him, it was absolutely obvious that he loved the Lord with all his heart.

The Ledet family has ties at Texas A&M, and on Tuesday to show support for the family, people were asked to wear maroon.

Carroll High School and Carroll Middle School, along with Texas A&M, took part in this as well as the University of North Texas women’s golf team, who wore maroon ribbons in their hair.

At Baylor, I’m sure there are quite a few of you from that area that know the family.

The only encouragement I can offer you is turn to the creator of the universe, the God that you can’t describe or exaggerate.

A way you can reach out to the family is by liking the Facebook page, Pray for the Ledets.

The Ledet family released the following statement on Sunday: “The family thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers – particularly the prayers – during this difficult time. They ask that you please respect their privacy as they grieve the loss of their loved ones.”

While we mourn the lives of those lost, we can rest assured that they are truly in a better place.

Krista Pirtle is a senior journalism major from Olney. She is the sports editor at the Lariat.