Editorial: New student regent should speak for both groups

Asher Freeman
Editorial | Cartoonist

In a historic but not unprecedented decision on May 11, the Baylor Board of Regents appointed a student to serve a one-year term as a non-voting board member.

This new position allows students a voice on the body that makes the most pertinent decisions about their education.

Kelly Rapp is that student.

In his role as student body president, Rapp was chosen by the student body in a free and open election to oversee the system of student government.

Who is more fitting to represent them to the Baylor board?

In allowing the student body president to serve on the Board, the Board of Regents is allowing the student body to have a say in its’ representation, and by extension, a say on the Board. We commend them for this decision.

And yet steps can be taken to ensure that the Baylor students of tomorrow are treated to the same generosity, the same opportunity and the same privilege that we are honored to witness today.

We at the Lariat call for the office of student body president to be connected in perpetuity by official language to the office of student regent.

This will ensure a smooth transition from student regent to student regent by setting a precedent for his or her appointment — election by the general student body.

In electing a student president, we as a body are endorsing an individual who has the right to represent us and make decisions on our behalf. If we have elected this student, it means we have considered and approved their platform, which they will, we are sure, promote to the Board in its discussions.