The Legacy Cafe provides student study hangout

Matt Hellman | Lariat staff
The Legacy Cafe and Art Gallery is located at 725 Austin Avenue in downtown Waco and features artwork created by local artists.

By Linda Nguyen

Staff Writer

Austin Avenue is known to many Baylor students as home to various art galleries, cafés, and restaurants. Hidden among all the shops lies The Legacy Café and Art Gallery.

The Legacy Café and Art Gallery is owned by Waco local James LaFayette.

“Basically we call it a kind of own home feeling,” LaFayette said.

The café, which opened in August of last year, is home to many different styles of art scattered on the walls.

“It’s a really diverse art gallery with a diversity of styles and cultures,” LaFayette said. “It’s not a basic art gallery, pretty much anyone can walk through the door and put their art on the wall.”

LaFayette said along with everything else the café offers, the live music every week is just icing on the cake.

“It’s free and we have all sorts of music like Christian music, rock, jazz and even folk music,” LaFayette said.

LaFayette said that the café was designed with students in mind.

“We have free wi-fi, unlimited coffee,” LaFayette said. “We have cappuccinos and lattes. It’s unique and different.”

And students come especially during finals.

“We always have more students here when tests are coming,” LaFayette said.

Baylor students influence the atmosphere and feeling of the café.

“We miss the Baylor students during the summer,” Katherine Ramiez, a barista at The Legacy Café said. “It’s nice to see students start to trickle in again.”

LaFayette said he tries to cater to students who want a place to study.

“We won’t push you out or try to take your table,” LaFayette said. “You can come here, relax, feel safe and enjoy the live local bands.”

“I like working here,” Ramiez said. “Not just because it’s a paying job, but also because of the environment.”

Her coworker, MCC student Shelby Polasek, agrees with Ramiez.

“It’s a chill place,” Polasek said. “You meet a lot of people. We joke around a lot. It’s very laid back.”