Viewpoint: You’ll miss a lot at Baylor if you fast forward to summer

By Candy Rendon

With summer just around the corner, it’s obvious that many students (including myself) are looking solely at the break as our primary point of concern. But should we be so concerned with summer that we hurry the coming weeks away?

I am constantly reminded each day that we only have a certain amount of time to spend. Each day I am given the same 24 hours that you get. Whether it’s a Monday or a Saturday, I have to ensure that I make the best of my hours, or I will feel like my time has been wasted. However, I can’t help but notice I am constantly thinking about this upcoming summer.

I can’t help it. I am a mess when it comes to falling under the persuasive nature of warm June afternoons and iced teas, the sandy beaches and open highways. But for some, this summer marks the end to their Baylor University experience.

Students graduating at the end of the semester will be leaving Waco for bigger and better things. They’ll scour the streets for work experience and business internships, looking for satisfaction in the bustling job market jungle. Despite all the days eagerly awaiting summer vacations, I have a feeling that many students will encounter the intimidating truth about graduation. There is a world outside of Baylor’s fenced lawns, and it might be kind of scary.

Our years at Baylor University, and being in college, will be some of the best years of our lives. Take advantage of the optimism and potential opportunities within our Waco community. Take chances and go beyond your comfort level.

This is the time to slow down and enjoy the time that we are given, not to fast forward through all the supposed noise.

I know exams and deadlines are no fun, but take those obstacles for what they are: growth challenges.

When one graduates, he or she is expected to have a detailed plan of attack while heading towards his dream job or jobs, but necessary steps will be vague and mysterious.

No longer will our friends and family be so close to us. Our decisions will have a disturbing amount of weight.

What do you mean I have to work every day? When’s Diadeloso, Mr. BossMan?

At least here at school, we are able to foresee the potentially damaging roadblocks that lie ahead. We have the ability to maneuver around sketchy situations and plan for successful days, but none of that happens if we spend more time wondering why it’s not already summer instead of planning ahead and finding true enjoyment with your college experience.

Change your speed, and yield to the road ahead. After all, when it comes to your school years, Baylor has the right of way.

Candy Rendon is a film and digital media major from McGregor and is a reporter for the Lariat.