Viewpoint: Inked-up singer Cher Lloyd will woo American fans

By Jamie Lim

Two words — British invasion. Adele is obviously the No. 1 Brit in most Americans’ hearts. But move over, Adele, there’s a new Brit in town.

Look at Cher Lloyd, and you’ll probably think, “hmm interesting.” This 18-year-old definitely has a creative sense of style. I would try to categorize it, but in all reality, Lloyd is a person who can’t be labeled.

She has tattoos scattered all over her body, and in Lloyd’s world, the bigger the better. She is always pictured with big hair, big eyelashes and a big smile. However, Lloyd’s appearance won’t be the only thing turning heads. Once she takes the microphone and sings, people are shocked.

Lloyd got her stardom from The X Factor UK — the same show from which “Bleeding Love” singer Leona Lewis got her big break. Although Lloyd seemed nervous during her auditions, she rocked the stage with confidence and talent during her performance of Keri Hilson’s version of “Turn My Swag On.”

The judges’ expressions were probably the most entertaining part of the audition. Their faces resembled this “hmm-interesting” look; I couldn’t tell if they loved her or hated her. Fortunately for Lloyd, they loved her.

I first found out about Lloyd in December 2011; one of my friends told me I had to watch her X Factor audition video.

My first thought was, “What the heck is she wearing?”

The answer: a pair of faded wash, ripped-up jeans, a black leotard and a black military jacket. She accessorized her look with interesting black patent leather shoes, one black fingerless glove and a red leather belt. And I can’t forget all of her tattoos. Did I mention she was only 16 at the time? I like to think that she was still trying to “find” herself.

When I first heard her sing, I did not like her, because my eyes were glued to her outfit while my ears blocked out any sound in the room. Eventually I learned to love everything about her, even her fashion choices.

If you hadn’t guessed already, her music is definitely interesting. It is also catchy — and addictive.

I rarely ever buy an artist’s entire album, but Lloyd’s debut album, “Sticks + Stones,” is a different story. I not only bought the entire album, but I couldn’t stop listening to it.

The best thing about the album is that it doesn’t pertain to a certain genre. One song may be dubstep, while another song may feature rapping. Then there are songs that really surprise you, like “Beautiful People” featuring Carolina Liar, where Lloyd really showcases her vocal talents.

Some people criticize her lyrics for being too juvenile. At first, I felt the same way. However, I think the purpose of Lloyd’s music is to have fun; she doesn’t care what people think.

Lloyd definitely has plenty of talent. If Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga can be loved by many Americans, I don’t see why Lloyd wouldn’t be either.

Jamie Lim is a sophomore journalism major from Houston and is a reporter for the Lariat.