Q&A: Pi Beta Phi fights for Sing glory

Dallas sophomore and member of Pi Beta Phi Abby Stainback has said that Pi Beta Phi’s performance this year is “definitely nothing like ‘Welcome to your ’80s.’ But then again, there was nothing that had ever been done like ‘Welcome to your ’80s’ itself.” Pi Beta Phi president Kaylaynn McAdams has said that she’s excited to see how the audience reacts, but is also simply excited to “have fun doing something we love.”
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

By Candy Rendon

“This year we Pi Beta Phi are really stretching ourselves to use a different theme and choreography that doesn’t fall under the typical Sing style performances,” Dallas resident and Pi Beta Phi president Kaylaynn McAdams said.

With Sing 2012 starting Thursday, we at The Lariat are wondering what Pi Beta Phi is up to this semester and how the women change the competition for other performing student organizations.

Luckily for us, McAdams, Dallas sophomore Abby Stainback and Norman, Okla. junior Maddie Davis have the details.

Question: What do you and the rest of the Pi Phi women enjoy the most about Sing 2012?

McAdams: We’re excited to see how the audience reacts to our performance, but most of all we’re excited to have fun doing something we love.

Davis: The choreography is so fun and it’s an act than cannot be done halfway. We have to be in full character the whole time. It’s crazy and something different which is so cool.

Question: What does it mean to be a part of Pi Beta Phi, and what have you received in return?

Stainback: Being a part of Pi Phi and being able to participate in Sing and Pigskin has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my time here at Baylor. In Pi Phi we just have so much fun.

Question: Well, what makes Pi Phi different from the rest of the student organizations competing in Sing 2012?

Stainback: We have the most unique and fun group of girls who are each different in their own way. We have always added something special to our act in previous years, and with Sing this year, we are definitely bringing something extremely different and unique to the table. It is going to be awesome.

Question: Can you go into more detailed specifics about your choreography?

Stainback: All I can say is it’s definitely nothing like “Welcome to your ’80s.” But then again there was nothing that had ever been done like “Welcome to your ’80s” itself. We’re just trying to push the boundaries each year with something different.

Question: How have the Pi Phi chairs helped the women with the performances?

Stainback: The amount of time and effort our Sing chairs have put in as well as all of the members themselves is incredible. I think it’s really going to be visible in our act.

Davis: It’s an honor to be with such a hardworking group. The songs that they picked are perfect for the act. They really help us tell our story.

Question: What are the sisters’ thoughts for Thursday’s performance? Was it worth all the practice?

McAdams: Preparing for Sing is hard work. But it’s fun work, so well worth it.

Stainback: It’s a time that we all get to be together, work together and have fellowship with one another while accomplishing something that ultimately brings smiles to many faces and glorifies the Lord.

Davis: I am very excited about our Sing act this year. Sing is where we really see what the chapter is capable of and to be surrounded by a group of girls whose primary focus is to glorify the Lord is so encouraging.

I really think the audience will get absorbed into our mad world and have a blast watching the story unfold.

Question: So be honest, ladies. Are you going to win this year?

Davis: In every practice we stress how it’s not about winning or losing. But rather it’s about glorifying the Lord with the talents he’s blessed us with and just simply having fun together. But of course, we are doing our absolute best and giving everything we have to make this act as great as possible. We’re going all in this year with something super crazy, so everybody get ready.