Viewpoint: God’s call can evoke fear, but there’s no option to decline

By Meghan Hendrickson

I woke up two Sundays ago with tears in my eyes while my fearful heart asked God, “Do I have to?”

Mom came to visit this weekend and as our time together was drawing to a close, I began to question the goodness of God.

If God knows what is best for me, why would he call me to something so difficult?

My heart ached as I pondered the possibility of answering his call.

A battle waged in my soul between the joy set before me and the joy I have always cherished.

Is it possible that there is greater joy to be found as my trust in God deepens?

The greatest love I have ever experienced on Earth is the love of my family, but God’s love for me is much more.

God’s love cannot be measured and it has no equal.

God’s love is both wide and deep.

God’s love endures forever.

God’s love is entirely faithful.

God’s love extends to every heart in every generation.

God’s love casts out all fear.

God’s love conquers the darkness.

God’s love washes clean the tainted souls of man.

God’s love is not only enough, but it is better.

For God so loved the world.God gave his only Son. Whoever believes in him will not crumble. For those who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.

For all who are saved are chosen. All who are chosen have life. The life that God gives is a life of love. For God so loved the world he gave us love.

God did not give us just any kind of love, but the everlasting love he created.

Before time began God knew my mind would gravitate toward fear.

For God knew I would wander in search of security.

God created me with a natural tendency to worry.

But God so loved this world he made another way for us.

For all who believe in God’s Son receive a new nature.

This nature cannot be discovered through empty substitutes that masquerade themselves as good.

The deeds we do to “give back” are barren without the love of God.

Without God’s love I am gasping for breath, but I cannot breathe in the air I need to survive.

I am a suffocating slave to sin until I let the love of God rush in.

For God’s love is an endless flow of living water.

God’s love is the breath of life we need to survive.

For God so loved the world he gave us life through his Son’s death and resurrection.

God has given me life for today, so why should I fear what tomorrow holds?

Right now there are people in this world who do not know the love of God.

Whether across the ocean or across this campus there are thirsty souls longing for freedom.

Open your eyes.

Do you see the blind stumbling in the dark looking for the light?

If you have the light of Christ, I challenge you to shine bright.

As God prepares my heart o answer his clear call to be a missionary overseas after I graduate in August, I can’t help but be fearful.

“Do I have to?”

Yes, I must.

For I no longer live for myself, but for the one who reigns above.

For God so loves.

Meghan Hendrickson is a senior business journalism major from McKinney and is a reporter for the Lariat.