Another local robbery reported to Waco police

Baylor notified the community of another local robbery today. A “quite significant” number of local robberies near campus – nearly ten in the past two months – have been reported to Baylor and Waco Police Departments.

Baylor Community Advisory

In an effort to keep you informed and to encourage your continued attentiveness, we wanted to let you know that Waco Police contacted Baylor law enforcement officials this afternoon to inform them that a non-Baylor student was robbed today in the vicinity of our campus. Baylor police continue to work in close cooperation with Waco authorities.

We encourage you to continue to employ your best safety practices: be alert to your surroundings and travel in pairs or groups, especially in the evening and at off-campus locations. If you observe something suspicious in nature on or near the campus, you should immediately call Baylor Police at (254) 710-2222.

Students also can use the emergency call boxes located throughout campus that will put students in immediate contact with Baylor Police dispatchers.