D’s Mediterranean Grill offers excellent deals

By Diamond Richardson
Guest Contributor

In the Baylor bubble of restaurants – where Chili’s Too and Pizza Hut reign supreme – it is easy to forget that there are alternatives in Waco.

D’s Mediterranean Grill, which serves authentic Lebanese cuisine, is one of them. Located at the intersection of North 15th Street and Colcord Avenue (1503 Colcord Ave.), this family-owned restaurant offers a fresh dining experience in a friendly atmosphere.

The $11.99 menu listing for my kibbe plate seemed a little steep at first glance. But all plates at D’s come with rice and two sides, making the prices a decent value. Getting full is not a problem. The portion sizes are generous, which may not be great for your waistline but your wallet will thank you in the end.

Kibbe, a combination of deep fried ground beef, cracked wheat and pine nuts may be a new dish to most, but it is well worth branching out of any comfort zone. The ground beef is particularly flavorful thanks to an assortment of seasonings. The fried shell is crunchy without a trace of grease.

The Greek salad is a must-try. The combination of romaine lettuce, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers is nothing new. D’s fresh ingredients and Greek dressing, however, add an original twist.

Pita strips are offered as a side dish along with a large serving of hummus for $1.50. D’s hummus is not your store-bought hummus. Sprinkled with paprika and topped with tomatoes, the hummus is creamy and has a slight twang. It is a perfect complement to the lightly crunchy pita chips.

For the less adventurous, D’s offers a chicken kabob plate for $12.99. The chicken is served on a long skewer with grilled red peppers, green peppers, squash and zucchini. The chicken is expertly seasoned and moist. The grilled vegetables manage to maintain their flavor, making for a delectable meal.

Another familiar dish on the menu is the green beans. These are a great addition to a kabob plate. For $3.99 you can order a full side complete with red peppers and onions. The extra vegetables give the green beans a flavorful taste that complements their tender texture.

Typical mom-and-pop shop interior decorations fill D’s. The floor is covered in red and white tile. The chairs are made out of cheap red vinyl and fake plants line the front wall. But the decorations add to the intimate feel of the place.

The owner welcomed us with a big smile and asked how our food was at the end of the meal. His wife checked on us multiple times while we were eating. Not only did we walk out full, we walked out smiling.

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