Review: Offensive lyrics limit album’s audience

Tyler, The Creator has become known for his controversial lyrics and his envelope-pushing music videos, such as “Yonkers,” which helped propel the artist to a “Best New Artist” award at the MTV VMAs.
PoJay | WikiMedia Commons

By Joshua Madden
A&E Editor

Headling this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest is the rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (Odd Future for short) and their leader, Tyler, The Creator, is every bit as controversial as you would expect a leader of a group with that name to be.

His solo album, “Goblin,” is difficult to review because Tyler, The Creator is clearly an incredibly talented artist, but he also goes so far out of his way to provoke the listener that sometimes it’s difficult to enjoy the music. “Goblin” is not for anyone who’s easily offended because no topic is off-limits for this artist.

Songs like “Yonkers,” which is famous for its music video that helped propel Tyler, the Creator to a “Best New Artist” award at the MTV VMAs, is equally notable for its high-quality production as well as for its offensive lyrics.

Clearly a very personal album, listeners will be forced to both admire and loathe “Goblin,” which was undoubtedly the intention in creating the album.

If you’re the slightest bit fainthearted, I would skip out on this one. However, if you’ve seen the video for “Yonkers” and you’re still curious, it’s probably worth checking out “Goblin.”

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