Trick or treat for charity

Participants pose at the 2010 FLO Frontier dance party. This year’s event is predicted to be well-attended. One of the goals of the organizers is to raise money for The Wells Project, a campaign to provide drinking water for those in need in Rwanda.
Courtesy Photo

By Jessica Foreman

Trick: wearing a costume that has the potential to win the FLO Frontier costume contest. Treat: Donating money that will save children’s lives by providing them with clean water while dancing the night away.

The Freshman Leadership Organization (FLO) is hosting the annual FLO Frontier dance party from 8-11 p.m. Saturday evening at Cameron Park Zoo. FLO is asking all to wear their most elaborate Halloween costume. Best-dressed will win a prize, and more importantly, the proceeds generated from this event will benefit The Wells Project.

The Wells Project funds the building of wells in Rwanda so communities can all have clean drinking water. Funding for this particular charity was decided because FLO member, freshman Bryce Garoutte, an entrepreneurship major from Argyle, had recently completed the Wells Project 10-day challenge. The challenge called for only drinking water and avoiding other beverages for 10 days. The money saved during those days would then be donated to the Wells Project to fund clean drinking water for citizens of Rwanda.

“I was thinking we should just tag along with that [organization],” Garoutte said. “Every dollar that we end up making gives a child 14 days of clean drinking water.”

Tickets to the event cost $5, and FLO is selling T-shirts designed by Annabeth Fuller for the event for $15. Freshman members will be outside campus dining halls this week selling tickets and T-shirts.

“I hope that the freshman leaders will grow in leadership skills as they put this together and put this on, coordinating and communicating with each other,” said Jennie Pitts, FLO co-director and Austin senior graphic design major, said. “I also hope that this brings more unity to the freshman class and an awareness of the greater need in the world and what we can do to contribute to worldwide issues.”

FLO members said through a significant amount of hard work and manpower was put into organizing the event, from advertising to coordinating committees, they were excited for the event.

Ashley Mullen, a Little Rock, Ark., freshman fashion merchandising major, has been involved in organizing the event. Selling T-shirts and planning decorations she said will include carved pumpkins and lights.

Mullen said she expects a significant number of people to attend the dance party because it provides an opportunity for students to wear their Halloween costumes while giving back to those less fortunate.

“If you’re looking for something to do for Halloween, come out to our awesome party at the zoo for a good cause,” Mullen said. “You won’t want to miss it.”