Viewpoint: Time for students to unplug

By Emilly Martinez
Copy Editor

There is nothing more awkward than calling out someone’s name in public only for him or her to fail to acknowledge your existence.

It seems this happens most often when someone has headphones in and is listening to music while walking across campus.

Why is it that students feel compelled to listen to music while walking from class to class or riding their bikes home? Wearing headphones says, hey, I don’t want to talk to you. Please go away now.

Sure listening to music while in transit can make people feel like they have their own personal soundtracks, but it seems antisocial and keeps them from being in the moment.

When walking around campus or riding my bike I enjoy seeing my friends, starting up conversations and just soaking up my surroundings. Whenever I’m plugged in, I tend to tune everything else out.

Without music, life would be dull. I am all for discovering music and believe that it can bring friends together under most circumstances.

While any other time I would be offering up new music suggestions, now I am suggesting students unplug themselves from their iPods and just enjoy their journeys.

However, if you simply can’t stand the thought of a music-less walk, try listening to Local Natives when the temperature is mild and there is a breeze – they were my 2010 ACL find and for whatever reason they remind me of nice weather and pleasant times.