Editorial corrections and clarifications to “Community should be provided Strategic Planning information”

Several clarifications are needed to clear up much confusion surrounding Tuesday’s editorial “Community should be provided Strategic Planning information.”

First, the community input process is still on going. While the final formal input session was held on April 25 in New York, it is possible to provide input to the Strategic Planning Committee online in the coming days.

At baylor.edu/strategicplan, students can log in with a Baylor ID and provide their input. Alumni and community members can visit a separate site through the same site to provide input as well.

For clarification, the information gathered from the community will first be given to the Strategic Themes Committee for synthesization and analyzation.

The committee is composed of students as well as the following faculty members:

• Mitchell Neubert, Chairperson, Hankamer School of Business
• Andy Arterbury, George W. Truett Seminary
• Claudia Beal, Louise Herrington School of Nursing
• Susan Bratton, College of Arts and Sciences
• Burt Burleson, Student Life
• Phil Donnelly, Honors College
• Ron English, Enrollment Management
• Richard Gerik, University Libraries
• Leah Jackson, School of Law
• Karen Kemp, Marketing and Communication
• Rosalind Kennerson-Baty, College of Arts and Sciences
• Carson Mencken, College of Arts and Sciences
• Byron Newberry, Engineering and Computer Science
• Patricia Pack, Mayborn Museum
• Mikeal Parsons, College of Arts and Sciences
• Diana Ramey, Enrollment Management
• Rob Rogers, School of Social Work
• Sara Rae Schlesinger, Graduate Student Association
• Martha Lou Scott, Student Life
• Kathy Steely, School of Music
• Jeff Wallace, Finance and Administration

Minutes from the meetings held by the themes committee can be downloaded online at the strategic planning process website.

President Ken Starr and the Executive Council will present a draft plan to the Baylor Board of Regents at the Homecoming meeting this fall. Another community input session will then be held from Dec. 2011 until March 2012. The final plan will be decided upon in May 2012.

The Lariat regrets the errors in Tuesday’s editorial.

The inaccurate information was not intentional and is unacceptable to the editorial board.