Lariat Letters: Prior engagement kept candidate from debate

It was with deep regret that I emailed Electoral Commissioner Gregg Ortiz on Wednesday to inform him that I would not be able to be in attendance at the SBO Debate on Thursday. The candidates first learned on April 1 that the debate was tentatively scheduled for April 7.

Unfortunately, I had already committed myself two months ago to another event on the night of April 7. After much consideration, I felt that a student body president’s mission must be to hold true to his word and to the service of the students of Baylor University, and, as a candidate for this position, I chose to act pursuant of this belief.

I look forward to the conversations with my peers and my friends that will occur over the next few days: conversations that will not cease once elections are over, but rather will continue and grow. Join the conversation.

— Ben Aguinaga
Junior, student body president candidate