Healthy appetite: Students receive taste of Bearobics

By Molly Dunn

Students can get a head start on their summer workout plans and experience a sampler of the Bearobics classes that Baylor offers [PDF] during the Beach Blanket Bash.

The demonstrations will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. today on Fountain Mall and are free to all students and faculty.

Alexanne Pitts, North Little Rock, Ark., senior and Bearobics instructor, said she is excited for the event and hopes many people will participate.

“It’s always fun in the spring to do the Beach Blanket Bash where it’s in Fountain Mall, it’s in the middle of everything,” Pitts said. “It’s just kind of different atmosphere than just being within the SLC. It’s fun to be in the middle of campus.”

Students and faculty are encouraged to bring their friends and a beach towel to participate in the classes. The night will start off just like most workouts, with a warm-up then, progress into higher-energy routines.

“We have all of our instructors come out and usually do a five-minute demo of their class,” Pitts said. “It usually starts with Pi/Yo [Pilates and yoga] and yoga and warms you up, then goes into Zumba, turno kick, just different classes we’re trying to market. People can come out, see demonstrations of not only what the class is like, but also the different personalities of the instructors.”

Colleen Bauer, Murphy junior and Bearobics instructor, said the event is focused on energizing the members of Bearobics and all other students.

“It’s not so much trying to get members in, but it’s kind of just to revitalize them and get them back into it,” Bauer said. “Not to gain members, but really show the members that we’re still going and keep it up until the end of the year.”

Pam Long, graduate assistant for fitness in Campus Recreation, said Beach Blanket Bash is more of a party and it’s not even like exercising.

Door prizes will also be given to those in attendance. Long said there will be a raffle drawing for free membership with Bearobics for this fall and next spring.

Pitts said Bearobics is a great program offered by Baylor to faculty and students, and said she encourages everyone to stop by throughout the evening to see what the aerobics program has to offer.

“I really think Bearobics has a variety of classes,” Pitts said. “We’re always trying to make a different course to not only let you get fit but also have fun doing it, just a good atmosphere. Anyone can come out and try it, even if you have your preconceived notions of what an aerobics class would be. It’s just fun that you would get to be taught by your peers, by popular music. Just come out and try it.”

With the pleasant weather and atmosphere from the event, Bauer said, Beach Blanket Bash will be a great time for everyone who participates.

“The weather has not been a scorcher like usual,” Bauer said. “It is so nice and the wind is a blessing when you’re working out.”

Both Pitts and Bauer said all demonstrations will be voluntary. Students can choose to participate, sit out or just enjoy the music.

“Bring your own beach blanket and just be prepared to have a good time,” Pitts said.