Student body officer candidates debate

Student Body President

Cristina Galvan
“I want to continue to ensure that the student voice is heard and acknowledged and listened to and working to make Baylor more affordable for students.”
Zach Rogers
“The Lord has given me a passion to serve and with this passion, I want to use this passion for students for I believe that I am a servant leader.”
Nate Larson
“I want to help students and student organizations accomplish the goals that they want to accomplish, focus on things that they care about.”

Ben Aguinaga, who has filed to run for student body president, did not attend

Internal Vice President

Brian Kim
“I want [to] increase the number of propositions we write as a senate, secondly I would like to see stronger leadership as a stronger IVP and, lastly, equally and fairly distributing the Student Government Allocation Fund.”
Michael Lyssy
“I know how senate works, I’ve been a senator, I have experience I’ve Been IVP and I believe the connections that I have made as a SBO will really help this position next year.”
Daniel Houston
“I am willing to work with students and provide a Senate that functions effectively enough that when a student comes before us with a concern and says ‘This is where we want to see student government in the next 10 years’ then we’re going to be open to actually be receptive to that.”

External Vice President

Alex Baqui
“I would like to develop a weekly consistent community outreach program in Waco, in which every week student organizations and students could get involved in a weekly program.”
Angela Gray
“I would like to reestablish connections at the state and federal legislators, establishing more connections outside of Baylor administrators.”