Point of View: Jade hits the Big Apple

By Jade Mardirosian
Staff writer

The Big Apple. The city that never sleeps. Gotham City. The Melting Pot. New York, New York. This legendary city serves as a backdrop for writers, musicians and artists and their works, both recent and classics. They describe its glimmer, its expansiveness, its overcrowding, its remarkable skyscrapers, its diverse population, all of this and more. For many years growing up, these descriptions entranced me. It is the city where dreams come true. I was fixated on this metropolis, and it was my goal to make it there one day.

That day came and not a day too soon. It was mid-March of my sophomore year in high school and New York was set to be my destination for spring break. I was overcome with expectations, like how amazingly bright the city would be, and all the sights I wanted to conquer. There were so many things I felt I already knew about the city from books, movies and television shows. Still I can’t even begin to describe the feeling that overcame me when the plane began its descent into LaGuardia Airport, and I could finally see the outline of all that made up the city.

I was immediately excited, even giddy for the fast approaching time I would get to spend exploring the island. And explore I did. In my first trip to the city, I made my way uptown, downtown and all around town.

I saw the exquisite sites all first-time visitors trek to, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, the site of the World Trade Center, Central Park and Rockefeller Center.

Then it was time to shop until I dropped. I spent an entire day of my visit in my favorite part of Manhattan known for its impeccable shopping, SoHo.

I explored Houston (pronounced by New Yorkers as House-ton), Prince, Broome, Spring and Broadway streets, making my way into adorable boutiques and flagship stores. Walking through SoHo, I was convinced New York City was indeed the fashion capital of the United States, at the very least. From the impeccable street style of its ultra hip and cultured inhabitants, to the thousands of trendy and unique shops, I felt as if I was living a dream.

I have been back to New York numerous times since my first captivating visit. I spent part of the summer before my senior year in high school taking classes at a prestigious fashion school in Midtown.

That summer felt as if I was living someone else’s life. From living in Greenwich Village to taking the subway all around the island with friends and attending classed that pushed me both academically and personally, I could not have imagined a better experience.

In all of my trips to the city, no matter how long or short, I have continued to be amazed at all the city has to offer.

My first trip to New York resulted in a love affair that has continued to grow to this day. I decided during that first eventful trip that my future would undoubtedly include living an exhilarating life in Manhattan. I am still faithfully waiting that day and truly believe one day it will come.

Jade Mardirosian is a junior journalism major from Houston and a staff writer for the Lariat.