Indoor track ends season in College Station

By Lindsay Cash

Concluding the indoor season with a bang, Baylor’s track and field team hit College Station last weekend to compete in the Indoor Championships. The NCAA meet was at the Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium, and nine Baylor field members attended.

The track athletes exceeded expectations as a team, with the men making their biggest move in history to 16th place and the women entering into the top 10 [PDF].

“This meet was as close as we could get to perfect,” Coach Todd Harbour said.

Senior Tiffany Townsend and freshman Tiffani McReynolds were spotlight representatives for the women’s side. For the men, senior Marcus Boyd and juniors Woodrow Randall and Whitney Prevost earned their way to the championships. Sophomores Drew Seale and Zwede Hewitt joined the action for the relay team, and field representatives included junior Jessica Ubanyionwu and sophomore Skylar White.

Townsend didn’t waste any time. Starting the meet by making history, Townsend earned her 14th career All-America honor. With her blazing speed in the 200 meters at 22.90, she ranks seventh in the world this year. She also grabbed third in the 60 meters.

“I’m thankful for the honor. I’m blessed,” Townsend said. “But I’m already looking forward to outdoor and bettering my times.”

It’s safe to say Townsend is hungry for the future, as she finishes her career at Baylor.

“It’s bittersweet, being a senior. I’ve had a great experience here and I know it’s almost my time to go. But I want to grab a national championship. And I know it’s doable,” Townsend said.

Both races and her 14th honor gave Townsend three records to take home, but she wasn’t finished. Townsend earned her 15th honor and tied former Baylor star Tony Miller for most ever at Baylor.

Randall hit his career best time in his 60-meter heat win at 6.65, gaining his first career All-America honor. His time was the sixth-fastest overall and the second-best time ever at Baylor. He also reached personal best in Friday’s prelims.

McReynolds contributed with eight team points to project the women to finish 10th overall team wise. Finishing 10th overall is second best in Baylor history.

After spending a few months in and out of meets and competitions, one of Baylor’s tiniest athletes has made a powerful and mighty name for herself.

“I’m a huge sports fan, and I’m saying that Tiff is one of the top athletes on this campus,” Harbour said.

McReynolds finished second at 8.03 in the hurdles, earning her first All-America honor, and broke her own record for the sixth time.

Ubanyionwu’s final jump was her personal best, with her leap of 43 feet, 6.75 inches, giving her sixth overall.

White finished 10th overall in the shot put with her third-best throw ever. Friday marks the beginning of the outdoor season when TCU hosts the invitational in Fort Worth.

“We are a stronger outdoor team. With all the finals we’ve made in indoor, you just see those transition to outdoor, then build on that,” Harbour said. “You really don’t lose anything transitioning to outdoor, just gain.”