Baylor alum serves up slices at local pizzeria

Matt Hellman | Lariat Photographer
Shorty’s Pizza Shack, owned by Baylor alum, Ted Browning, is located at 12th Street and Bagby Avenue. The pizzeria has been open for a month and features a real brick oven.

By Liz Hitchock

The cool atmosphere, spacious outdoor seating and friendly wait staff are only a few of the reasons for students to stop into the relatively new, Shorty’s Pizza Shack, located in the shopping center at 12th Street and Bagby Avenue.

The owner of Shorty’s, Ted Browning, is a 2001 Baylor alum and he is happy to be back in the area. The restaurant has been open for a month.

“I always liked the location,” Browning said. “I used to live about three blocks down from here.”

After graduating from Hankamer School of Business, Browning decided to move to Hawaii for about four years, but afterward found himself back in Waco, with a business plan for a restaurant.

“I had other ideas and took the first few steps with another business plan in the downtown area. … I had pretty much most of it laid out,” Browning said. “But when it’s your first place and you haven’t done it before, there are about a hundred problems you don’t even realize.”

One of the many aspects of Shorty’s that makes it unique in Waco is its traditional brick-lined pizza oven that makes the pizzas crisper and generally gives it a more flavorful taste.

“We have a real brick-lined oven, gas-fired,” Browning said. “You can really taste a difference. It’s all about the pizza.”

Pizza lovers will appreciate the variety that Shorty’s offers.

The menu ranges all the way from “The Works” pizza with almost everything they serve tastefully piled onto each slice, to the “Meat Lover’s” and classic pepperoni pies.

However, Shorty’s also caters to the vegetarian tastes as well, serving a veggie pizza and the East Coast favorite, white pizza.

“Our head chef, the guy that came up with all the recipes, is a young guy from New Jersey. He basically came up with the crust himself and uses an old family recipe from out in New Jersey,” said Shorty’s waiter Reece Beall.

Beall said that the most popular pizza is the pepperoni, but their pizza by the slice is popular as well.

“We have different slices every day that we sell, so the most popular changes,” Beall said. “A lot of people tend to like the barbecue chicken.”

Matt Hellman | Lariat photographer

The staff of Shorty’s is enthusiastic about business and have had good experiences with the clientele.

“I love working here. It’s a real laid-back atmosphere,” Beall said. “All the people that come in here are pretty chill.”

Assistant manager Chance Vanzandt said that about 90 percent of their customers are students, and they have been trying to tell people about the restaurant

Matt Hellman | Lariat Photographer

“We just been kind of doing word of mouth,” Vanzandt said. “So far we’ve had really good results. We are going to start advertising on and around campus.”

Browning wants to start marketing to Baylor students in the near future and has already started a Facebook fan page for the restaurant.

Another rarity in Waco is outdoor seating. Shorty’s has more than 700 square feet of outdoor seating. There is the option to sit in the covered, fan-cooled outside seats, or to bask in the sun while you eat your pie.

Outside you can also find games like washers and “redneck golf.” Free Wi-Fi is also included in your experience of the restaurant, which is convenient for students.

Shorty’s Pizza Shack is open every day of the week from 11 a.m. to midnight. With a face that looks very close to the iconic Wooly Willy game for a logo and the old-fashioned brick oven pizzas, Shorty’s Pizza Shack is sure to be a success.