Anti-abortion movie highlights life-changing moments

By Stori Long

One moment can change your life forever.

This is one of the messages of Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s critically acclaimed film “Bella.”

St. Peter’s Pro-Life Ministry invites members of the Baylor and Waco communities to share in that moment at 7 p.m. today at St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center at Baylor, where they will be showing the film.

“I love the film,” Houston senior Rachana Chinn, St. Peter’s Ministry member, said. “I think it’s one of those pro-life films that really has the power to surprise you. Our pro-life ministry is hosting the event, but all are invited.”

The movie follows the stories of an international soccer star on his way to the top when his career suddenly comes to an abrupt end.

It also follows a beautiful waitress trying to make it in New York City while dealing with issues she is not prepared for. It takes just one moment for their paths to intersect and their lives are changed forever.

“A lot of movies today are action-packed and abrasive,” Lake Jackson sophomore Amy Freeman said. “That’s not the case with this movie. It’s very deep, and if you are opened and receptive to it, it is very profound.”

Freeman says that the term “pro-life” while is passionately against abortion, is more than being anti-something, it is about being for life. Members of the St. Peter’s Pro-life ministry believe this movie has a message that the world has a deep need to see and hear, and this is the message the organization is trying to convey.

“It conveys the beauty of human life, which is what our culture needs to see right now,” Freeman said.

According to its Facebook page, St. Peter’s Pro-Life ministry is “dedicated to promoting the Gospel of Life – from conception to natural death. With fidelity to the Catholic Church, we strive to live out Christ’s call to reach out to those least cared for by society because each human life has an inviolable dignity that originates from God.”

The ministry believes the movie shares in this vision in its celebration of life.

“[The film is] not overbearing and quite uplifting in its celebration of human life,” Chinn said.

The ministry was also intentional in the date it chose to show the movie.

They wanted it to precede the 40 Days for Life Campaign, which begins on March 9 and goes through April 17.

This is a nationwide movement of intense prayer, fasting and community outreach within the anti-abortion movement.

“This is more than just an issue for us,” Sugar Land junior Alex Scheibner said. “It’s important because God loved us first, so we should love others in every part of their life. God loves those unborn children, and he loves the women who carry them.”