Lariat Letters: Faculty could carry, too

Friday’s article states that the Texas House Bill “could require Baylor to allow licensed students to bring concealed weapons onto campus.” An additional important point is that it would also allow licensed faculty to carry concealed firearms onto campus. Since the minimum age to get a CHL (concealed handgun license) is 21, it is plausible that more faculty might carry than students. The idea of allowing faculty to carry concealed weapons is gaining momentum, even in K-12 public schools, because allowing faculty to carry might deter or stop a mass school shooting.

The story on the bills was a little incomplete. There are two House Bills proposed regarding concealed carry on university campuses. HB 86 would prohibit private universities from regulating licensed concealed carry, but HB 750 would allow private universities to prohibit concealed carry. There is only one proposed Senate Bill proposed, SB 354, which would also allow private universities to prohibit concealed carry.

Kudos to Daniel Houston for including points of view from both sides of the issue.

-Jill Nichols
Full-time lecturer