Marketing student applies classroom skills on TikTok, finds success with Amazon Storefront

West junior Audrey Holloman finds success through TikTok through her Amazon Storefront, which connects viewers and followers to the products she uses. Grace Everett | Photographer

By Allie Sczech | Reporter

When West junior Audrey Holloman joined TikTok in the fall of 2021, she had no idea it would grow into a platform for a small business.

Holloman said the idea to establish an Amazon Storefront was born when she started making videos on TikTok and viewers continued to ask where she got her clothing and decor.

Now, with 37.7K followers and 1.8 million likes, Holloman utilizes her platform to promote her Amazon Storefront.

“I figured making a storefront to direct people to would be easier than answering each comment individually,” Holloman said.

Holloman said she markets in two ways: linking the information to her social media and making haul videos with her items.

“On occasion, I will make videos showcasing items that I’ve grouped together on a list on my storefront, such as spring break essentials, bedroom decor or school supplies,” Holloman said.

Holloman said this has given her the opportunity to apply some of the skills she has been learning as a marketing major, such as knowing her target audience.

TikTok analytics has revealed my audience consists 93% of females, with about 70% of those being 18-24 years old,” Holloman said. “With that in mind, I can tailor my videos to appeal to their needs and interests.”

According to TikTok, small and medium-sized businesses have found their home on the platform, which provides more “behind-the-scenes” advertising opportunities for companies. Holloman said the success she had with her Amazon Storefront on the app enabled her to quit her old job.

“I started to see an increase in commission on my storefront and worked hard to get that number [so it] would replace my current earnings,” Holloman said.

Holloman said marketing takes consistent patience and hard work.

In order to grow an audience, it takes a lot of commitment and time,” Holloman said. “You have to be willing to spend hours coming up with ideas [and] executing them. It’s important to remember not every video is going to go viral, but the key is to stay consistent.”

Southlake senior Sarah Hornyak is one of Holloman’s classmates and said she is inspired by Holloman’s work ethic.

“Audrey is so on top of her work that she inspires me to be as well,” Hornyak said. “She can help me out if I have a question on something learned in class.”

Holloman said she encourages other students to pursue their goals and take a chance, like she did with her Amazon Storefront.

“If it’s something you’re willing to work for, I would say go for it,” Holloman said.