A&L Desk Recs: Our favorite school essentials

Graphic illustration by Grace Everett | Photographer

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

As the spring semester swings into action, many students are hitting refresh on their school supplies. From pencil bag essentials to organizational must-haves, here are some suggestions from the Arts and Life Desk.

Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

Portable charger

These are a lifesaver, and I’m not being dramatic. OK, maybe a little bit. I can’t count how many times I’ve been out at a coffee shop, chipping away at homework or stories when suddenly, my laptop nearly dies. The problem is, I’m usually nowhere near an outlet, so now I simply have to go home. Now, I keep a portable charger in my bag at all times so the grind never has to stop.

Post-it notes

I like to use these in my planner or stick them on my laptop to help keep important reminders on the forefront of my mind. With all the hectic moments of college life — — especially when midterms and finals creep up — these are a good way to make sure nothing gets past me.

Avery Ballmann | Arts and Life Writer

Gel pens

The best time of year to me is buying school supplies. I love going to Target and picking out a different color journal for each class and finding the best tools to make class a little more enjoyable. My favorite school supply is the Sharpie S-Gel pen. These pens are so easy to write with and don’t bleed onto the next page. They are a bit more expensive but worth the extra change.


Another necessity is a multi-colored pack of highlighters. These make my notes pretty and organized. I usually use each color for a specific reason such as yellow for vocabulary. It’s the small things like those that brighten my journal and my day.

Olivia Turner | Arts and Life Writer

Pencil pouch

To carry all of your bright new pens and highlighters, you’ll need a pouch that is equally as cheery. This padded pencil pouch will be just the thing to keep your writing utensils safe and organized.

Sticky notes

It can be hard to keep track of tasks when the school year gets busy, but there’s a way to stay on your A-game. These sticky notes are perfect for making reminders, grocery lists, daily to-do lists and more.


Taking notes on a computer works for some students, but others find it easier to study and remember hand-written notes. If this is you, these notebooks are just the thing. They come in several pastel shades and are college-ruled so you’ll get your money’s worth with each page.