Review: ‘Morbius’ fails to deliver

Photo courtesy of Collider

By Foster Nicholas | Reporter

The Marvel Universe expanded on Friday when the new movie “Morbius” was released in theaters. While audiences enjoyed the film for the most part, critics destroyed the movie and technically, the film was not made well.

While all Marvel movies are extremely hyped, this movie seemed to have a little bit less. Even though it wasn’t the biggest Marvel release of the week, the film found a way to still pack theaters.

The movie tells the story of Michael Morbius as he discovers a cure for his rare blood disorder, and ultimately the cure turns him into a dark antihero. The plot of the movie is very strong and entertaining, but the best part of the film takes place during a teaser in the credits that hints at Morbius being the villain in the next Spider-Man movie.

In my opinion I was extremely disappointed in the way the film was edited together. Most Marvel movies look extremely real and the editing effects are astounding. However, during several fight scenes in “Morbius” the movie looks like a trailer for a video game. The visuals looked absolutely fake and can even force you to laugh during a serious scene.

The film was also incredibly misrepresented. It was teased as a superhero movie that would fit into the MCU, and although the film included all of that, it was more of a horror film. The amount of gore, jump scares and visually disturbing images was far above any other recent Marvel movie. The film in trailers looked like just another super hero movie with poor graphics and didn’t really lean into the horror aspect of the film.

When I saw the film, several children left the theater with their parents and I will put that on the fact that it was advertised as just another superhero movie, when in reality it was not. The movie absolutely pushes the PG-13 rating as far as it possibly can.

Especially with the extremely loud audio that accompanies every Marvel film, the horror aspect worsened the movie. The basic plot was brought to light after being visually disappointing and realizing the only goal of the film was to scare children.

Overall, “Morbius” was an underwhelming Marvel movie that ultimately would help to expand the Marvel Universe, but at the cost of a terrible standalone film. The movie is worth a watch because it is an entertaining film, even though it isn’t visually astounding like other Marvel films.

Foster Nicholas is a junior from Parker, Colorado, majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in film and digital media. In his fourth semester with the Lariat, he is excited to level up Baylor Lariat radio, do play-by-play for thrilling home games, and continue to feature some great Baylor athletes in print.