Career Center hosts largest variety of employers yet for Spring Career Day

114 employers are coming to the business school to interact with students from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Feb. 23. Photo courtesy of Shelby Cefaratti

By Ana Ruiz Brictson | Staff Writer

Baylor’s Career Center will be hosting its Spring Career Day from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Feb. 23 at Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation.

According to Career Center marketing communications coordinator Shelby Cefaratti, this year there will be 114 employers attending this event, making it the largest variety and the most employers that have ever attended the spring fair.

Cefaratti said students can benefit from attending this event in many ways, one of them being getting past the nerves of reaching out and talking to employers and beginning to build a network.

Students planning to attend are encouraged to prepare in advance by making sure their resumes are up to date and having 10 to 20 printed copies, confirming their clothes are professional and having in mind which employers would be best to talk to, depending on their interests. Students can find the list of employers attending the fair on Handshake.

“We have a lot of big employers that students are going to be really excited about,” Cefaratti said.

At Career Day in fall 2021, the Career Center recorded a total of 2,811 students in attendance, while 2,585 applications were submitted after.

Cefaratti said this year, they will begin to track how many students who attend Career Day get hired. Employers will have a QR code that students will be able to scan to check in with the employer.

Career Center assistant director Amy Rylander said a lot of the employers who are chosen for Career Day are companies that reached out because they are looking to hire Baylor students.

Rylander said the team has been looking to push employers to look out for students they hadn’t thought about hiring before. An example she gave was on a sales company looking to hire students who may be excellent writers for their research department.

“Once we started doing that, we started working with them to post more jobs to see what our students were interested in,” Rylander said, “And then related to this, of course, our placement went up.”

Cefaratti said the Career Center is very excited for all of the companies that will be coming next week.