Tiffany Hogue, J.D., begins her role as the President’s Office chief of staff

Tiffany Hogue, J.D. is the new chief of staff to the President's Office. SJe has been the chief of staff to he provost and assistant provost in the past (2011-2016 and 2003-2011) | Photo courtesy of Baylor PR

By Camille Cox | Staff Writer

The new chief of staff to the President’s Office, Tiffany Hogue, J.D., began her position last Wednesday. Formerly, Hogue served as the chief of staff to the provost from 2011 to 2016 and as chief of staff to the assistant provost from 2003 to 2011, according to President Livingstone’s Presidential Perspective released Thursday.

Prior to her work at Baylor, Hogue graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Baylor and a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University. Following her graduation from law school, Hogue worked in employment law before realizing her desire to return to Baylor and work within education.

“I realized pretty early on that I didn’t feel called to serve a big law firm corporate litigator,” Hogue said. “I really felt called to use my gifts and my education in a way that I felt like was serving people a little more directly.”

Hogue returned to Baylor for the first time since earning her undergraduate degree in 2000 as the assistant dean for academics at the College of Arts and Sciences.

“Besides saying ‘yes’ when my husband asked me to marry him, saying ‘yes’ to Baylor was one of the best decisions of my life,” Hogue said.

While Hogue is starting her 22nd year at Baylor, she is beginning her first as the chief of staff to the President’s Office. She began her role as chief of staff last Wednesday, during move-in week.

“[In] the first few days, I got to escort President Livingstone, and we moved a lot of students in,” Hogue said.

Hogue’s primary goal in her role as chief of staff is to support President Livingstone in any way she needs. She has spent the first week as chief of staff familiarizing herself with students, faculty and President Livingstone’s needs at Baylor.

“I want to help her carry out the strategic initiative that helps us fulfill our mission, which is Christian commitment within a caring community,” Hogue said.

Plano sophomore Grayson Arcemont feels that Hogue is an appropriate fit for the chief of staff position because she has vast knowledge of the Baylor community.

“She has been with Baylor for so many years, so she understands how the Baylor environment works,” Arcemont said. “She will be great for President Livingstone’s office.”

Hogue will work within the President’s Office to carry out the goal of “moving toward R1 status and recognition as the preeminent Christian research university,” President Livingstone said in the Presidential Perspective.

“I feel deeply honored. It is a true privilege to serve President Livingstone and Baylor in this way,” Hogue said.