In lieu of spring break, some Baylor students found time to make their own

With a lack of spring break this year due to COVID-19, students are finding their own ways to take a vacation. Christina Cannady | Photographer

By Clara Lincicome | Reporter

Baylor announced the cancellation of spring break in September 2020, in an effort to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks back in Waco from students returning to campus.

With the lack of a mid-semester break, students resorted to finding ways of creating their own version of a spring vacation.

Atlanta sophomore Callie Weaver said she joined her roommates this past weekend on a road trip to Fayetteville where they stayed on a roommate’s ranch, feeding donkeys and cows and playing card and board games. Having been in Waco since January, she described the quick trip as a way to “hang out and get away from school for a little bit.”

“It’s that time of year, about spring break time,” Weaver said. “School has been crazy, and I feel like I have been super busy. A weekend away gave me a breath of fresh air, and I definitely feel motivated after a weekend away and good time with friends.”

Weaver said even a simple drive out of Waco for an afternoon with your roommate will do the trick in the way of a mental refresher.

“Have a day to breathe different,” Weaver said. “You’ll feel so much better and it’ll give you a new sense of energy.”

Freshman Jonathan Woodrow took a couple friends home to Aspen, Colo., for a quick ski trip. Woodrow said they loaded up their car and hit the road for a 16-hour drive towards the mountains.

“We texted some people on Thursday at about noon,” Woodrow said. “And we left Thursday at 7 [p.m] to go to Aspen.”

Woodrow said he felt the unplanned trip was needed at this point in the semester.

“It was nice to get out and actually take a moment to relax and be in the mountains,” Woodrow said. “You find that to be one of the memories that stays with you for the rest of your life…when you go do something weird and spontaneous.”