Business fraternity recruits new member class during pandemic

Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest and largest national business fraternity aims to help students develop professionally and connect them with valuable business resources. Christina Cannady | Photographer

By Clara Lincicome | Staff Writer

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi) is a coed national business fraternity on Baylor’s campus that currently consists of around 50 members, with 15 in the current new member class.

AKPsi has a strong legacy at Baylor, founded over 60 years ago. It’s the oldest and largest business fraternity in the nation, with a large network of business professional alumna.

“While you’re here at Baylor, we help each other throughout the college experience professionally, educationally and socially,” San Diego sophomore Jason Nacario, the AKPsi vice president of administration said. “And post-grad, that network is huge.”

Nacario said the opportunities for growth as a member are plentiful. Aside from weekly chapter meetings, there are monthly events intended for professional development. These include resume workshops, professional speakers, mock interviews and workshops.

Denton sophomore Skyla Seay emphasized that despite being a business fraternity, all majors are welcome to go through the recruitment process.

“All of the skills we learn are good for any major,” Seay said. “We like to welcome anybody and everybody, but as a fraternity, spots are limited, and competition is tough. We look for the most well-rounded students.”

AKPsi has welcomed two new member classes since the beginning of the pandemic.

Seay served as recruitment chair for the past two semesters, has had to adapt to an online recruitment format amid COVID-19. This included speed networking events over Zoom, virtual game nights to get to know current members and the hope that potential members were able to get a feel for what it means to be an active member.

The member classes since COVID-19 have ranged from 13 to 15 students. The efforts were rewarded, Seay said, as the online recruitment process consisted of more people than expected.

“We have been so proud and have had to get our name across campus louder than ever,” Seay said. “We have mainly had to recruit through social media.”

Hosting Instagram Live information sessions proved to be an effective preview of the chapter for prospective members.

The recruitment process consists of prospective members attending four events and two interviews. Once selected to be a member of the chapter, the new member class goes through a five-week training process, learning what it means to be an Alpha Kappa Psi.

“[They] will be learning about the history of our fraternity, our core values, our mission statement and what we hope our pledges get out of our fraternity,” Nacario said. “Our core values are brotherhood, unity, service, integrity and knowledge. We really try to emphasize what each of those mean to us.”

As for their mission, Nacario said that they aim to shape the best professionals they can.

“We’re really big on professional development and getting to develop those professional aspects, whether that be working in a group, interviewing or resume,” Nacario said.

In addition to professional development, members also experience a strong sense of community in the fraternity. AKPsi holds two service events each semester in order to maintain involvement in the Baylor and Waco community. They also hold their own take-a-dates, formals and weekly dinners following chapter meetings at Shorty’s Pizza Shack.

Nacario said that his favorite part of being a member is the brotherhood.

“We are all extremely close friends and have been able to maintain that small group feeling even as we grow,” Nacario said. “Those are my best friends.”

Alpha Kappa Psi takes a new member class every fall and spring semester. You can find Baylor’s chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi on Instagram @baylorakpsi.