Bittersweet bakery is moving to new Waco location

Local Waco company, Bittersweet, has decided to relocate its storefront on Austin Avenue. Sarah Pinkerton | Photographer

By Mallory Harris | Staff Writer

Former business student, Hanna Austin created Bittersweet during her time at college as part of the 1846 Business Incubator program in the Hankamer School of Business.

As her business started to take off, Austin said she realized that Bittersweet could become something more. After a year and a half of sharing a kitchen, Austin said she is ready to have a place of her own.

Located at 608 Austin Ave., Bittersweet is known for explosive cookies that are large in both size and flavor. Even during the pandemic, they were able to keep the doors open, by making slight changes in routine.

The Austin Avenue location is closing now in preparation for moving. Austin said the plan is to stay in Waco, but at the current location, she shares a kitchen with other people and wants one just for her business.

“We’re kind of expanding,” Austin said. “I’m always in that kitchen and I feel bad for other people to use it because I’m always at one table,” Austin said. “It makes sense to just get our own kitchen at this point and then we have privacy.”

Throughout Bittersweet’s history, Austin said she uses social media as the main way to market new flavors, upcoming plans and business in general. She explained that while the doors are shut, she is using Instagram to market to her customers and keep them updated with news of her moving.

Austin said she is constantly looking at the market for a new building. She already has a few spots in mind but they need kitchen renovations before opening back up.

“It’s a little bit trickier than I thought to move and so we are going to have to get a gas line into a shop wherever we move,” Austin said. “There are new locations on the market every day so we’re just keeping an eye out.”

On Bittersweet’s Instagram, Austin hyped up a big marketing push for Valentine’s Day. As she introduced new flavors and unique designs, Austin said that Feb. 14 was originally a goal opening date. However, due to multiple changes, Austin had to scratch that plan.

“Because I did make that promise, I’m going to do a market-style type of Valentine’s Day thing outside of whatever location we are going to end up opening at, so you can still come and buy cookies all day,” Austin said.

Ennis junior Kaleigh Wright, a Bittersweet customer, said she loved the cookies and the service. The idea of a student-run small business added to the appeal, Wright said, and was impressed by how the bakery has become a staple to the Waco and Baylor community.

This next step in her growing business is exciting, Austin said. She’s hiring for the new location to compensate for the expansion and being very diligent about marketing on social media. Visit @bittersweetwaco on Instagram to stay connected with the bakery and place orders.