Letter from the Editor

Hello, readers!

It’s a time of transition for the Baylor Lariat. It’s been almost a year since we moved from weekly prints to a nearly all-online presence. I think we’ve done pretty well all things considered.

And that’s important because strong and aggressive journalism is one of the few foundations our society is built on. Just think of the First Amendment; it’s been around since the beginning.

We’ve asked the Baylor administration the hard questions and kept the pressure on them while in the midst of a pandemic with students on campus. We’ve broken news about student groups, protests on campus and one of the most controversial elections in recent history.

We do it because we believe in aggressive journalism. The Waco Tribune-Herald, the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle: these are all great papers, but none focus on Baylor like we are able to.

We can raise a magnifying glass anywhere on campus and report on the things few know but all should. We are the best equipped for that job, and we shall not stop no matter the pressure put upon us.

Camille Rasor, the Lariat’s new news editor, is the most qualified and dedicated to her position. She believes truly in the power the free press has and will wield that sword with care and deliberate action.

Carson Lewis, our digital managing editor, is prepared to usher in a new era of online dominance. We are ramping up our Morning Buzz production and revamping the effectiveness of our website so we can better communicate to you.

This is my fourth semester at the Lariat, and each has shown me how important this paper is. I spent two semesters as a sports writer and one as the news editor, and my goal has always been to give you the most honest and interesting content. That will definitely not change now.

This staff is built specifically to provide you with the most up to date information and the most passionate student journalism. Every single member, from the staff writers to the interns to the editors, believes in their own ability and our potential as a whole.

I come from the sports world, and our roster top to bottom is as good as anywhere else. What we lack in decades of experience we make up for with superior dedication and intensity.

We will make mistakes, and there will be some losses (to keep the metaphor going), but we’ll get back up, rub some dirt in it and keep on fighting.

I thank you sincerely for supporting The Lariat, and I hope we make you proud this semester.

Matthew Soderberg